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Three Hundred Wordz- Two

300 Wordz Prompt- Broken Glass

There was a boom. In slow motion, shards of glass floated past, and their rare snowflake-like shapes pirouetted around me. I grabbed for my brother to show him the beautiful patterns, and he was no longer sitting next to me. Fast forward to normal speed, we were in a car accident- in a car that was completely stopped at the time at a red light. Our dark blue Toyota was now nose to nose with a transit bus. I could see a stack of bicycles crumble like they were made of tin on the front rack. The transit driver's eyes broadcasted his panic. The chaos had begun to pull me from the soundless slow-motion dream-like state. The horns were singing almost in tune with a song; what was it- I could almost find the name. Where my brother was sitting on the driver's side was now empty and covered in the snowflake glass. His door was open, and I was leaning over to go out his side to find him when I heard my door crack open, and someone grabbed me by the waist and pulled me out of the car. They carried me to the curb and sat me down. He said, "Hattie, are you ok? Does anything hurt?" I was still stunned and did not say anything. How did he know my name? I looked at his face and blinked to hold the memory. He was a little older than my brother, with dark wavy hair and pale green eyes that did not look kind. His lips were thin and seemed crooked. He was not ugly or handsome, just a face. He then stood tall and walked away from me into the crowd. He was the only one walking away from the crash. Impulsively, I got up to follow him. Wobbly and bleary from standing, I lost him in the darkness. Breaking through my confusion is the sound of my brother frantically repeating my name. Crossing to the middle of the intersection, I grabbed his hand. The police informed us they had been at the light and witnessed the crash. The driver behind us had walked over to the police car and told them they were drunk and to lock them away. That was the last I heard of them, but the crooked smile I would see again.


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