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Roll for Initiative in an Introductory to

Tabletop RPG in a video game.

It is a video game to introduce the player to RPG mechanics, exploration, combat, and class distinctions of tabletop reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.


It is daunting - the infinite amount of information and rules to play Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder. In this game, the rules and material are built-in to teach the player as they advance each level.


Dice, characters, enemies, and bosses are all included in the game.

The look and feel is tabletop. Immersive Role Player  game.



Steam Roll for Initiative

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The Beginning~ The township of Aldunpoe has carried through the generation the myth of riches long lost in the Cathedral Salestoren, though there are few left in the port city to remember. Trinn Evershed scarcely did till the ramshackle spires of Salestoren blinked through the fog in a practical dare. The interior of the Cathedral bared evidence of the battle of Baroonet where the Palladian’s fell then cast to clay and army entombed below. Trinn scoured each room and found nought till his footing slipped. Shoving the rotted timbers aside and clutching an unhinged door, he righted his balance. This effect initiated the teetering of immense the vitrine. The contents shimmering of gold, jewels, and a glowing decanter tumble to the stone floors. The engraved malachite bottle fractures to shards and the glowing elixir seeps through the stone and a deafening sigh is heard. Trin Evershed pockets what he can as he races away from the ominous situation. Paladin Dunraven awoken ahead of time by the Potion of Robion booms to his army- it is time.
Roll for Initiative Creative Team

Dylan Smith - Creative Director
Michael Vancore- Design Lead
Elyssa Burgess - Art Lead
Jake Wade - Designer

Roll for Initiative Talking Level Creation

Roll for Initiative Talking Level One

Concept Art
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