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Long Rest Podcast Team

 Long Rest is a Comedy Radio Play D&D Podcast

entirely told after the battles at a Tavern.

Story by Michael Vancore

Written by Michael Vancore and Suzanne Smith

Produced by Nerdz Garage

Long Rest Podcast Season One
on Spotify and Podbean

Our Story

One of our interns, Michael, pitched an idea about a D&D comedy that
did not follow the characters during the adventures but the downtime between when they were at a tavern. His original thought was for it to be animated shorts. We were currently creating a Dungeons and Dragons video game, and adding an animated series at that time was a little too much to take on. 
I have for years relished radio plays and recently delved into the The Angel Of Vine: A Fictional Podcast. It is impressive storytelling from the first click of the tape recorder to the end scene outro music. The post audio production of aging the sound and Foley effects formed a full theater of the mind.

I thought that Michael's idea would lend itself to the radio play style. 
Characters were constructed and storylines penned and arced.
The full ten episodes were recorded in two days, with the actors sitting together at a table having the conversation, as opposed to recording their lines alone in a booth, giving it the semblance of playing D&D. The post-production effects complete the flavor of the old school radio play. 
We hope you come along on this adventure as it unfolds.


Robb has been playing D&D since 1974, when he and his brother stumbled upon the White Box at a local hobby store.  Basic D&D and then AD&D (1e) followed with him playing characters as well as being a Dungeon Master, which he did through college.  A 30-year hiatus ensued, before getting back into it as 5e debuted.  He currently participates in two weekly campaigns as a player, one of which is streamed.  He is a dice goblin, having discovered metal dice, of which he has over 20 sets.  As far as that pesky day job is concerned, he is an IT manager at UNCW.

DM: "Ok, I'll allow it...if you pass the die roll."

David  moved to Wilmington, NC, to work in the film industry. His production credits include Dawson’s Creek, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and the Oscars-overlooked Muppets from Space. He performed with the legendary Wilmington comedy improv troupe The Comically Impaired while working on and acting in local independent film productions.  David continues to write sketches and screenplays, perform comedy improv, and contribute his vocal stylings to corporate audio and voice acting projects. David thanks his wife and kids for their support of his theatric, dramatic, and comedic endeavors.


Rogue: “The gold is the goal. For now.”

Zach  is an actor, writer, director and musician who has been working in show business of some sort professionally for the last 30 years. Recent film credits include “Blast Beat,” “The Banker” and the upcoming golf comedy “Birdies.” TV appearances include “Constantine,” “The Originals,” “MacGyver” and “Hightown,” among others. Zach thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with so many old friends on this podcast and, especially, enjoyed inhabiting the skin of a Tiefling, if only for a short while. 


Artie- “I don’t practice what I preach because I’m not the sort of person I’m preaching to."

  John Markas began his gaming career in a fondly remembered bookstore called the Muses. After buying a first edition Basic Dungeons and Dragons boxed set for himself, the addiction was forged.  This habit of inventive fantasy is probably what led John to follow another path and become an entertainer, career ranging from Rock & Roll dreams to a whole lot of time treading the boards. John is thrilled to be a part of this project and combine his former time in Radio with his love of gaming, and to get to work with his Fake Wife Molly, and his real Wife Linda, all at the same time!

Dwarf: "This is my Warhammer. Stop staring."

headshot linda 2021 a.jpg
Robb Mann.jpg

Robb Mann

Dungeon Master


David Curtis

Corvo Everett Rest- Rogue


Zach Hanner

Artie Rest- Tiefling Bard

John and Linda portraits 2021 008.jpg

John Markas

Orinlauck Boulderbraid- Dwarf Barbarian

Linda Markas

Aurea Ele'anor- Cleric Elf

Linda is a musician, teacher and actress in Wilmington, NC. She holds a bachelor's degree in speech communications from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and a bachelor's degree in Music Education from Appalachian State University's Hayes School of Music. When not making music you can find her in the garden growing delicious plants. She also likes to hang out with her hubby, John Markas and their puppy Rosie and four cats, Lola, Leonidas, Lucia and Maximus.

Aurea:"Life is an excellent opportunity for one to learn how to be happy."

Suzanne Smith

Elizabeth Crowborne- Wizard

Suzanne has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. Some she would leave folded in books in the library, some on a bus seat that she just exited, and sometimes they end up in podcasts. 
She played in dance when she was young, theatre when she was grown, and now she plays tabletop games.

Elizabeth: "I was told I was dangerous because I don't need anyone." That's when I smiled.

Jeff Phillips

Thorne Skystriker Stells - Sorcerer Gnome

Derek Smith

Thieves Guild/ Thardan

Derek spends the majority of his time with family and friends playing tabletop board games. When he is not doing that he is surrounded by Bards. 

He is incredibly proud of the Nerdz Garage team. 

*He has been playing D&D since it was uncool to play.

Thieves Guild: “There is no I in thieves!” What...what?

Jeff is 6’5” tall and wears a size 16 shoe but is proud to voice 3’ Thorne, the Sorcerer Gnome. 

Jeff is a long time theater actor whose leading credits include, Billy Flynn in CHICAGO; Archibald in the Secret Garden; Edna in Hairspray; Albin/Zaza in La Cage Aux Folles; Bernadette in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; Bobby in Company; and Sweeney in Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Thorne: “Magic is Believing in yourself!”

Special Thanks To

D&D Beyond, Wizards of the Coast, Cal Chaos Studios, Michael Vancore, Opera House Theatre Company, Justin Smith, Jason Aycock, Alice Morgan Sherwood, NerdzGarage interns and all the NerdzGarage D&D players.

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