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Dungeon Master – Robb Mann

Corvo Everett Rest- David Curtis

Artie Rest- Zach Hanner

Orinlauck Boulderbraid- John Markas

Aurea Ele’anor- Linda Carlisle Markas

Thorne Skystriker Stells- Jeff Phillips

Elizabeth Crowborne- Suzanne Smith

Thardan Boulderbraid – Derek Smith

Thieves Guild – Derek Smith

Produced by – Nerdz Garage and Cal Chaos Studios

Creative Director- Dylan Smith

Written by – Michael Vancore and Suzanne Smith

Directed by – Dylan Smith and Zach Hanner

Lead Sound Designer – Zach Hanner

Recording Engineer – Zach Hanner

Recorded at Opera House Theatre Company, Wilmington, Nc

Intro - Long Rest Theme written and composed by Zach Hanner

Outro- Bintang Summer

“Bintang Summer” performed by the Noseriders - a surf rock band formed in Wilmington, NC, in 2003. consisting of primary songwriter Seth Moody on guitar, moog, theremin and sax, Brian Drake on rhythm guitar, Zach Hanner on bass and Dean Grey on drums, the band enjoyed an eleven-year run bringing their original brand of Carolina surf rock to coastal venues all over the southeast. The group released two albums, “10” and “11,” over their career and made their mark on the local music scene.

 Fast, fun, and exemplifying the gliding sensation of surfing, the Noseriders remain a fan favorite among the surf culture of coastal NC. (ASCAP) 2003.

Cover art and Episode art by- Bryan Jacobs





Logo by -Emmanuel Baez



Nerdz Garage

We are forging friendships and bridging a creative community one nerd at a time.

​Cal Chaos Studios

We strive to present a positive and diverse forum in podcasts, live streaming, and everything nerdy.

We are currently in production of our first video game!!

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