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Chance Meetings- Emmanuel Baez

Every day is a new adventure, and from buzz sessions to weekly confabulations

at Nerdz Garage.

We are showcasing their ingenious, offbeat, and whimsical contributions.

Everything happens for a reason, and there has always been a gentle touch on my shoulder to lead me in the right direction. Manny is a perfect example of these wonderful happenstances. Derek and I went to a smaller board game convention in Orlando a month before Christmas. I love the handmade and hard-to-find gifts you can find at conventions, and whatever time of year I go, I shop for the holidays and birthdays. Before we had even stepped into the gaming space, I was checking the merch tables. A good-sized hand-knitted red dragon was bought, and then it was time to play games. In just a glance to my left, I saw some comic art on the table, and Derek took my hand, "What do you want to play?" I did not answer because I stopped to look. The art was good, but not something I would typically buy, but I turned back to that table. Manny introduced himself and explaining the drawing, and abruptly asked him if he played D&D. I am sure that my question was not what he was expecting, and he said it was on his list learn. We started talking about how he learned to draw, school and conventions. I was absolutely sure that Manny could draw these ideas I had for gifts for the guys that have come over for twenty-four Sundays to D&D.

I asked, he said yes, and since then, Emmanuel Baez - @ArtbyBaez – has created many pieces for us and our logo for our project- Long Rest Radio Play. He is sweet, clever, and exceptionally talented, and we are so pleased to have him at the Garage.

Our podcast delves into his process, what his inspirations were and how we accidentally met.

The Nerdz Garage can not say enough about Manny and wholeheartedly recommend him for your artist needs.

Manny wanted to add a note as to why he happened to be at that convention.

-God has definitely blessed me with such good friendships. I am just thankful to Carlos and his lovely wife Jordan; they have been like my constant booster and support system to continue on in my dreams as an artist and not give up. Since the beginning, Carlos has taught me and showed me so many things I didn't know if the business side of things and organizing myself and building myself up as an artist (I was so horrible at being organized). His wife, my friend Jordan has been there as well, always helping me looking for potential clients, giving me pointers, and just overall being awesome support. I guess what I am trying to say is that it's so important to always try to see the type of friends or people you surround yourself with when you are trying to accomplish something you want, or in general in life. Because it's hard sometimes to find good people who genuinely care and give you the support you need.

Thank you, guys!! Manny


Let us be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

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