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Traveling to TantrumCon - Hello Gorgeous!

Nerdz Garage is delighted to be attending TantrumCon in February.

By far, our favorite convention! This year Nerdz Garage will be hosting two games, taught by our Nerd in Charge, Dylan. He has been teaching Warhammer in person at Cape Fear Games (Our FLGS) and D&D remotely for years. Check out his events!

Derek and I hope to play some games with our favorite Facebook friends. Very much looking forward to chatting in person.

The Tantrum family has consistently presented a lively, entertaining, family-friendly event. We hope to see you there!

Dungeons and Dragons One Shot at TantrumCon! Saturday 10A

Learn to play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons

If you’ve always wanted to slay dragons, find hidden treasure, or go on an adventure with your friends, we have an adventure for you. The Heist of Belisarus.

Perfect for new players as we provide a great introduction to the game. And experienced players, have a chance to try out new characters and explore different spells and wonderous items.

We provide everything. Just bring your imagination. Our Game Master Dylan will lead you through a complete adventure. Players create an exciting story where their bold adventurers confront deadly perils. Just bring your imagination!

This is a free event.

Learn to Play Warhammer Friday 10A

Warhammer offers three broad gaming styles, open play, narrative play, and match play. Dylan our Nerd in Charge, will teach you everything you need to know about this fantastic game. No prior experience is required. We will go over army construction, and basic rules and be able to answer any questions you have about one of the most popular miniature war games in the world! Whether you are brand new or a veteran looking to jump back in, we’ll be able to help you get your army on the table. This is a free event.



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