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Dungeons & Dragon The Quest for the Lost City of Tempestar at Tantrumcon

Updated: Jan 22

Intermediate and up players. Choose a level ten character.

Nerdz Garage Dungeon Master Dylan Smith will contact you to review

and finalize the characters.

This homebrew adventure is part of the Nerdz Garage catalog of One Shots.

Everything is provided. Just bring your imagination!

Thursday, January 25th, 6:00-10:00 pm

and or

Friday, January 26th, 1:00- 5 pm

  These powerful adventures have been tasked to find the strange relic from the Lost City of Tempestar. Tempestar fell hundreds of years ago in the Calamity, and many have tried to find the relic and never returned. This Guild knows the secret.

In this encounter, the characters are trained adventures who are at Trollskullery Tavern. The tavern crowded tonight with gritty and scrappy warriors from the latter-day battle of clay Gollums that breached the Waterdeep walls. They eye a few empty chairs in the Tavern, but they are in the audience of Evershed, if this band of havocs were going to drink, they were going to have to overhear Trinn Evershed whiskey muddled story of the lost fallen city of Tempestar. You take a seat and wait for the barman to bring the beer and bacon- just rewards for the efforts in battle.

Weary of Evershed’s drawling on, one of you stands and casts Command NEW STORY on the drunken Trinn. A flash of light passes over Trinn. His face seems to twist and brighten. He stands straight and tall. He begins to speak. His voice changed. “I am awakened. I am Paladin Vaximus Thorn. I was in the city when it fell. I know the passage to the Relic, and I choose you, for this endeavor. With haste, you must go. The world depends on it.”

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Tantrumcon JANUARY 25–28, 2024



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