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Tears, Frustration, Strength, Angst, Hope…….. It is everything.

Life is a difficult balance between holding on and letting go.

I have been stuck in an endless cycle of pain, hope, doubt, fragility…….

Looking to quiet the clamoring, Dilly took me to a movie I knew nothing about,

Everything Everywhere All at Once.

I will not share more than the abridgment they disclose online because I would not want to ruin the expedition for you.

It is about a Chinese immigrant who finds herself in a Syfy action thriller – is how they describe Everything Everywhere All at Once, but it is so very much more.

At points, it was hitting too close to reality, I felt uncomfortable and then acceptance. The emotional journey left me filled with hope and just - happy.

If you have seen the film, DM me so we can compare thoughts.

Tears, frustration, strength, angst, hope, connection…….. It is everything.

A modern masterpiece of filmmaking.

*Empty theatre for our private showing.


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