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Wildly Popular Dark Dining, By Accident

Updated: May 26, 2020

Dark dining, or blind dining, is the concept of eating at a restaurant that is pitch-black and /or blindfolded. Patrons can’t see the food they are eating. By removing the sense of sight, other senses of taste and smell are enhanced, allowing for a more significant culinary experience. We had an opportunity to try the Chef’s tasting menu at a new restaurant, one that was well lit. What we did not realize was that involved, 12 courses  ending in exquisite desserts dressed and proudly served (only) at the table.

It has to be said that to food was terrific and that many courses are oodles of food and desert may not be needed. The Chef disagreed. We gently told the waiter the situation, and he looked at us like we had asked him to drown kittens.

dark dining

Dylan and I left the Hubby to deal with the unhappiness because the trailers had started. As the lights go completely dark, we hear, “excuse me” and Hubby squeezes in with three bags, each filled with boxed dessert and a utensil. We each dig into this mystery desserts. This is where the dark dining comes. It took a few bites to figure out what we had, and some of the gastronomy infused balls of yummy the exact tastes were never discovered. We quietly query what each other had, one Brulee-Esque, one Fruit Tartiness and one I think Basil and Citrus Moussey. We are positive that they were probably looked liked art and they were yummy.

The experience of tasting the unknown in the dark absolutely heightened the experience. All while watching a fabulous movie equals three very full Nerdz!

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