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Who Are We?

Updated: May 26, 2020

I worked two decades in theatre: writing, producing, teaching, and performing.

During those years, I worked for the Tony Award-winning Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis. While with the Company, I created the “Around Series,” which developed educational and event-based family programs that complemented the theater-going experience.

Next, I co-created and was a writer on the popular live comedy series “Shelf Life,” in Wilmington, North Carolina, which ran for four years, totaling 175 episodes.

After taking my last bow a few years back and needed to fill the creative itch, I fell back into the world of gaming. Board games were a constant when I was growing up with three older brothers; there was Risk, Stratego, and Masterpiece. That cultivated to 221 B Baker Street, 1975 Antler Productions, and clue type games.

Chewie and Derek

Derek, as a young kid in Vermont, would go with his father to the big city (Burlington) and spend the whole day in the library. He spied a notice on the community corkboard welcoming players to their Advanced Dungeon and Dragons campaign and joined their campaign when he could. He wanted to get a group closer to home because he was eleven, but in the hills, Mad River Valley, there were not many D&D players, let alone kids the same age. Derek had read his older brothers D&D magazines and books and Derek and his partner in crime, Artie played sporadically. They did endlessly play The Awful Green Things from Outer Space by TSR games, 1980. Derek did many many years of theatre and is a Master Set Designer and a talented actor. We met at a theatre showcase. He directed and acted in live comedy series “Shelf Life,” in Wilmington, North Carolina. My one complaint is that his collection of comic books has overrun our home.

Insert the passage of years in the theatre, and that brings us back to Nerdz Garage.

What is The Nerdz Garage?

Poolside at The Boardwalk hotel at Disney our son proclaimed he wanted to start website for affordable Manga’s and a place for his Amv’s. After much deliberations and fruity drinks with umbrellas; Nerdz Garage was created.

Nerdz Garage was established in 2017, to track our board games, comics, my tutelage into video games, and the initial brainstorm from our son, Dylan, who is a versed video gamer with a BS in Computer Animation and working on his Master’s in Game Design.

1ntelligence Checked

Over the past two years of Sundays, The Nerdz Garage has been filled with the Homebrew D&D Campaign Intelligence Checked and many One-Shots. New characters to The Garage are Adam, Dungeon Master, and up for playing any game (mostly co-op) and Ken, our authority on comics and dice tray builder.

Along the way were game conventions,friendships with publishers and being asked to share our thoughts on games, our D&D campaigns, and our Nerd Adventures.

Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

Sit Down -Grab a Drink – Join the Game



Nerdz Garage Out of the Box –

Comics, D&D and our crafty Nerdz life.

Everything Nerdy…. and lots  and lots of COMIC BOOKS.

Nerdz New Game Monday!

Reviews, playthroughs,and our Nerdz Adventures.

Nerdz D&D –

D&D- Homebrew based on 5E, One Shots and hilarious Boss Fights


      We are an independent, creative pop culture studio that looks beyond what is contemporary. We grew up in pop culture and strive to present a positive forum on everything nerdy. Comics, Dungeons & Dragons, Addicting Games & Nerd Adventures! We are having  conversations about nerd culture, news and our nerd life.

Dylan – Derek- Suzzan

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