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Trust Me - I am a Collection

A family-friendly competitive card game for people who enjoy superheroes, silliness, scheming, and strategy- is now on Kickstarter.

Our friends at Half Monster Games are offering their popular games- Trust Me I'm a Doctor and Trust Me I'm a Superhero, now with expansion packs in a special Collector's Set.

  • Family friendly game for all ages (8+ )

  • Easy to learn game

  • Quick gameplay of under 1 hour

  • Fast moving game with fun table interaction

Trust Me, I'm a Superhero, is a card game played with friends where you compete to answer the Call for Help with the preposterous powers to solve the problem.

Convince everyone that you are best suited to save the day to win.

Keep in mind that all the first team Superheroes are occupied, and a band of ragtag heroes has been tasked to clean the city's minor disturbances. A Citizen will send a Call for Help with a problem, and in the break room, these heroes present their case why they are best to solve this dilemma. The hero that convinces that they are best suited to solve the problem wins the card and becomes the next Citizen caller.

All the Half Monster Collections are thematically campy and charming.

The debates were amusing and absolutely- laugh out loud. The cards Powers and Supers are a perfect launching point for outrageous tales that were spun.

Ours progressed to acting out the scenarios with some applause. Even if you are not good at acting out, adding gestures and a character to go with the Superhero makes a ridiculous match to winning round. Plus, for the elder players, libations can boost the demure player into an accomplished character actor!

The longer we played, the longer evolving to performances. All the players were laughing so hard, and the tears were flowing.

We are enthusiastic about Superhero's.

We are enthusiastic about Plague Doctors.

We are enthusiastic about Wizards.

*All can be found in this collection on Kickstarter now for just a few more days.

Join the Game!

A card game of debatable heroism!

3–8 Players

Playing Time: 15- 30 Min

Age: 8+

Designer: Jack Ford Morgan, Callan Davis, Nick Wiggins

Graphic Designers: Alison Meyers, Elaine Quirk, Cassie Simpson

Publisher: Half-Monster Games


Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

Sit Down -Grab a Drink – Join the Game

Suzanne Smith


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