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They Lit the Fuse in Season Three

Updated: May 26, 2020

Spoiler Free Stranger Things

We waited nearly 2 years for the new season of Stranger Things, and we tried unyieldingly to not binge it and …..

that battle was lost.

The gang is a little older, wiser and sporting pure eighties. The Duffer Brothers brought the bigger and better. The emotions are more significant, the danger is brimming, and the humor is sharp. The shout out to the pop culture and clever Easter eggs had us blurting out the movie character name or titles of the film they played homage to. What really worked was the decision to split the protagonists into several groups as they investigate the various threads of the mystery.


*The scenes and characters in Scoops Ahoy are deserving of their own spin-off. I can bet there will be many Scoops Ahoy Halloween costumes scampering around the neighborhood (or bar) this year. The ending is shocking, witty, gross, and devastating.


Our Hopper Pop Vinyl has acquired while da hubby was on the road with James Taylor. He hit every local comic book store he could discover on his days off.

The Strangers Things Dungeons&Dragons set is in the line up to play in a couple Sundays.


We have been fans of Stranger Things since we happened on to season one. We know the story will have to come to a close as all good stories do, but for now, we wait patiently for season four.

Our Halloween 2016


Nerdz Garage

SuZann Smith

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