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The Gatherers- Making Our Tiniest Dreams Come True

The Gatherers Tiny Kingdom by Half Monster Games

Kickstarter November 2nd

PLAYERS 2 – 8 | PLAY TIME 3 Hours | AGE 5+ | 2-4 Player

I ran a children’s film festival moons ago when my son was a wee one. All these years later, there is one heartfelt animated short that still resonates with me. It was about these small adventurers that lived under the floorboards of a poor tailor, taking any scrap such as a button or piece of fabric and turning it into something surprising and wonderful. The through-line being of the size of hero or source of the gift does not matter; it is the heart and spirit of the pathfinder. Gatherers Tiny Kingdom brought back that enchanting feeling.

Collect and Create

From the Kickstarter ~

The Gatherers is a roleplaying game for adventuring and exploring the world at

a tiny size. It is a game about storytelling and is driven by imagination and your

physical surroundings. Everyone contributes to the story and the shared

experience of playing the game. The game begins as soon as you gather with your

friends and ready yourselves to bring to life the world of the Gatherers.

Who wants to play? We do!

Gatherers does a great job creating opportunities to gather with your friends

to go on adventures, roll some dice, complete tasks, battle, and collect

treasures. We really enjoyed our time with it. The creator also adds considerable functionality with an adept manual. The Gatherers compendium is brimming with detail, concise instructions, and source material.

This game is a great way to introduce people to the dice rolling foundations of roleplaying but certainly offers value beyond that as it stretches imaginations, compelling fun for you and your friends. Players can generate their own adventure or follow decks of illustrated cards that help guide them.

How to play? Pick a Gamemaster who will facilitate the mission. The players quickly

create their Characters, learn the parameters of Exploring, Crafting items,

Fighting the dangers big and small and casting Magic. Then dive into to this fantasy adventure that can be played just about anywhere.


Last Word

We found this a great way to relieve the daily stress and indulge in a new

experience of casting spells and defending territories. Added bonus, dice are

rolled for skill checks. Everything's better with dice.

The Gatherers Tiny Kingdom has an intriguing storyline, broad replayability, and a charming encompassing experience.

Enterprising Gamemasters will indeed, be able to use Gatherers as a foundation for lively games of risk and reward reflected in the mechanics in this RPG.

We highly recommend this for adventurers that like exploring around, completing tasks, and slaying monsters. Gatherers delivers those looking for group storytelling to do more and stretch the limits of the game.

The Nerdz Garage relished getting lost in the layers of the game!

The Gatherers- Making Our Tiniest Dreams Come True

Written, Designed and Developed by: Jack Ford Morgan and Callan Davis

Edited by: Crystal Roy Additional Material by: Sharang Biswas, Elise Cardamone

Graphic Design, Layout and Illustrations Lydia Knight and Grace Ford Morgan |

PLAYERS 2 – 8 | PLAY TIME 3 Hours | AGE 5+ | 2-4 Player




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