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Stocking Stuffer Winners at The Nerdz Garage

Stocking Stuffers that will make to the table before the frosting is on the cinnamon rolls.

We are sharing a collection of stocking stuffer games that are frequently back on the table when we are at parties with our friends and family. Finding fun party games for large groups can be a bit difficult, and we have found these are enjoyed by causal gamers and are affordable.

Do you have a favorite game? Because if so, we would love to hear about it!

Million Dollars But

Rooster Teeth

1. Million Dollars, But… The Game

Rooster Teeth Games

Million Dollars, But… The Game (based on Rooster Teeth’s popular comedy series, Million Dollars, But.) is a card game that puts your morals and imagination to the test, posing the question, “What would you do for a million dollars?” If you’re ready to see how far your friends, neighbors, family members, coworkers, random people on the airplane, or strangers will go for a million dollars, check out this game. We think you’ ll like it as much as we do.

How to PlayEach player takes 4 black Trigger Cards and 4 gold Rule Cards. Put together, these cards create scenarios. Now, pick a judge.

Next, each player hands a full scenario (remember, that’s 1 black Trigger Card and 1 gold Rule Card), face-down, to the judge.

One at a time, the judge reads the scenarios out loud to the group. This next part is where the fun of MDB lives. All players will attempt to glorify or downplay the situations, regardless of whether he or she put down that particular scenario.

The judge then picks the scenario they absolutely WOULD NOT do for a million bucks. The winner of that round is the new judge. Players then draw back up to 4 of each card type.

The Mind

2. The Mind

Pandasaurus Games

How to play the game? The deck contains cards numbered from 1 to 100 and is played by 2-4 players. Start by the lowest numbered card and play cards to create a pile in ascending order. Sounds simple right? Here’s the catch, you need to do this without talking or exchanging information with other players. Stare into each other’s eyes, trust your player, and rely on your instincts. If one holds a card lower than the lowest in a pile, start the game again with a new hand. Ready for it? Let the mind games begin. 

download (1)

3. Exploding Kittens

Sometimes You Just Need a Nope Card!!

 Exploding Kittens! Matthew Inman’s Exploding Kittens launched onto the Kickstarter scene in 2015 to a massive response, quickly becoming one of the most funded Kickstarter games ever with almost nine million dollars received from backers.

 We have been enthusiastically bringing the odd furry beasts to the table since acquiring the game. It is a constant companion on vacations.

 The game is about avoiding the exploding kitten card at all costs because drawing it means that the game is over, and you have lost. 

 When we play, it very dramatically ends.

 Then you can rest, wipe away the tears, and battle the furry critters again.

 The absurdly delightful art, theme, and title guarantee hearty chuckles whenever we teach it to new players.


4. Decyrpto


There are Times to Play Nice, and Times to Play like a SPY!

 Decrypto is a game by Scorpion Masqué and distributed by IELLO – and believe the hype! In DECRYPTO, two teams each compete against one another to see who the best code masters. The goal is to transmit codes to your teammates without letting the opposing team intercept them. Communication is key, but also the art of catching the opposing teams’ codes. (My favorite part)

 The gameplay is fast and frantic.

 Your team wins the game if you collect 2 Interception tokens. You receive 1 Interception token each time you successfully intercept the opposing team’s code.

 Your team loses the game if you collect 2 Miscommunication tokens. You receive 1 Miscommunication token each time your team does not successfully decrypt your Encryptor’s code.

 Each round, the Encryptor must come up with new clues. You can choose the form your hints take, whether that’s a single word or complete sentence. If your team picks a rule, you can even hum, dance, or mime it! We did not mime. The Clues must be based on information that is publicly available and known to the group. You can indeed refer to obscure artist or locations, it’s risky, but allowed! However, you may never give a clue that only you and your teammate know. Any information you provide to your team as an Encryptor must be given to the opposing team as well. The wordplay is intriguing, and the competition to steal the code is tricky and entertaining.

 The look of the games and components are old-timey and charming.

 ** We loved the way Decrypto gets people thinking about wordplay and secret messages.

 If you enjoy party-style games and word games should enjoy this one.

Age Of War

 5. Age of War


Gather your troops, polish your red armor, shout “Banzai!” and overcome a string of fortresses in feudal Japan to secure the support of the clans, and claim the title of Shogun.

Watch out though: without complete clan support, your newly acquired castles will be retaken by the other Daimyos (Japanese for “thieving bastards”).

This game is easy to teach. This may seem like a light game, however it can get surprisingly cutthroat as unclaimed fortresses start to dwindle, and the players turn on each other to score big before time runs out.

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