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January has been uncharitable making reboot problematic, and my grades will reflect it.

Our invasion north, though the trip filled the heart to the brim, left me dragging and the compromised immune system feeling like a Jean Valjean at the end of the play. The plague settled in for weeks and only moved a week ago.

When the fog cleared, stir crazy me suggested we celebrate my Level up Day early. The hubby will be on the road on actual Level Up day.

I triumphantly found the perfect joint for the kid at heart that had under one roof; arcade games, bowling, shuffleboard, air hockey, ropes course, good food, and virtual reality.

I was very content.

The virtual reality was insane. You walk into a Holodeck! There are four adventures to choose from that range from 25 minutes to 40 minutes. We did zombies (total freaky) and space station (so intense) that was so long I was ready to wave the white flag. The next day we went to a new Escape Room with the theme, Murder on the Budapest Express.

We escaped…. With a little help. 🙂

There has been plenty of gaming at home…. Bass Fishing and Pokémon! If you didn’t know me, you would assume that I am a teenager.

Never grow up!!

This weekend will be more board games, and the finale is Hamilton on Sunday.

No drum roll for January’s grades.

1. Eat Healthier- comfort was had during the plague, but back on track last week. D

2. Read More books- weaning myself off audiobooks with Manga’s. C

3. Write More- devoted more time this month to writing than the last three. C

4. Up the exercise- F

5. Put loved ones first- C

6. More Kindness- donated bags, boxes and more twice this month. Thank you, Marie Kondo. B

I hope you follow my journey, witness my milestones and encourage me after any missteps.

Till Next Month,


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