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Something Wicked is Afoot at the Museum!

Updated: May 26, 2020

I originally saw Elder Signs played on Wil Wheaton’s “TableTop” web series on YouTube and thought spooky museum, dice and save the world?

I am in!


Elder Signs is a heavily themed cooperative dice game set in the Arkam horror universe and the players are pulp investigators in a spooky museum, deemed Will Wheaton on TableTop.

The other Nerdz in the garage are fans of the realm of H.P. Lovecraft and were decidedly more enthused to play Elder Signs when reading the rules.  In Elder Sign, you take on the role of one of an investigator, and attempt to work with your companions to find the clues and seal the coming portal to have any hope of putting an end to this legendary evil. To add to the “fun”, monsters occasionally enter play and I haven’t mentioned the single-handed clock face! Players will advance the hand by a quarter hour at the end of their turn (sometimes additionally when directed by an adventure), and when the clock strikes midnight, you draw a Mythos card and we all know, nothing good happens after MIDNIGHT!


The game is fast moving and unpredictable. The dice throws were intense and hysterical. After our first play through we unanimously chimed to play again. Nerdz Garage has been playing incessantly and planning to visit the spooky museum this weekend when our friends come to the garage for a birthday shindig!

Designers: Richard Launius, Kevin Wilson

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Ages: 13+

Time: ~90 mins

Players: 1-8  (best with 5 or less)

Complexity of Rules:  Medium

Setup Time:  Medium

Replay Value:  Medium

Designer Richard Launius, Kevin Wilson

Artist Dallas Mehlhoff

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