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Review of the Game Scythe

Updated: May 26, 2020

by Suzanne Smith – gamer in residence

The game Scythe was given to us from our friends Ben and Mariah, who bought the game while on their honeymoon in Ireland. They purchased it at a game store and donut shoppe where the commonality was to buy/bring a game, consume fabulous donuts and play for hours. Why this has not been invented in the U.S., I don’t know because it sounds marvelous and I would live there. If it does, please let me know!!!!

There is scarcely a game that I do not delight in, however when a game box weighs in at 8 pounds and you lift the lid of Scythe, it can be a simultaneously exciting and daunting. Scythe is a game with a lot of bits and bobs to understand and keep track of, but that gives ample opportunity to get your hands and develop a backstory. They offer immense information to draw from to develop strategy and or role play. There are plenty of rules for players to discern and then figure out how to get all of them working together. Set in an alternative universe Eastern Europe in the 1920s with mechs roaming the countryside. You farm goods, conquer regions and try to win over the people and gain popularity. Players start with their own faction. These factions have their own faction leader, their own mechs, their own home base on the board and their own characteristics, or powers. Combined with a randomly drawn player board, every board is slightly different, you have unique starting conditions. This ability to weave together highly complex strategies that change each game makes the game replay ability something to be commended!

Scythe is an awesome game that the whole family can enjoy. Myself being a novice at the RPG, but fairly good at strategy, have lost twice and still want to play again and not move on to the next game in our que.

Scythe is a rare creation that we found had the perfect balance between depth, style and substance, and fun and challenge.

The miniatures pieces are striking and can be customized. The accompanying faction mats and action cards are illustrated with the beautiful artwork of Jakub Rozalski.

Designer: Jamey Stegmaier

Publisher: Stonemaier Games

Genre: Area Control, Worker Placement, Resource Management

Players: 1-5

Play time: 130 minutes

Menu: Dry rub steak, earthy greens and Shortcake (Forth of July) 

All sugar free and Smith Recipes


Nerdz Garage gives it a huge Nerdz LOVE! Whose coming over to play?

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