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Plundering Great Time!

WARNING! The Nerdz were very silly while recording this review.

The Last Word

Raiders of Scythia has successfully boosted the predecessor game with refined mechanics and powers.

The addition of Horse and Eagle cards that boost the crew members' abilities heightens the strategy and extended replayability.

The wound dice cause systemic damage each raid, however, the paths to healing can be swift, dependent on the engine the player has built. For that matter, we did not heal before the next raid by utilizing the Kumis for strength.

We found that the art was intriguing and bolstered the story.

*We ordered the upgrade of the coins- worth it.

Nerdz Garage found Raiders of Scythia to be a plundering great time!

Raiders of Scythia (2020)

Raid and plunder your way through ancient empires on horseback.

Gameplay: 1–4 Players

Playing Time: 60–80 Min

Age: 12+

Designer: Shem Phillips

Artist: Sam Phillips, Shem Phillips

Publisher: Garphill Games and Renegade Games Studio


Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

Sit Down -Grab a Drink – Join the Game

Suzzan Smith

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