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Once Upon a Time- Save the Last for Me

Once upon a time, a game maker desired to share with the realms their wondrous games. The dilemma was that realms did not share the same language. Enter The Rare Potions magical power that all see clearly. Let the games begin!

What a lovely fairy tale, and even better, it is based on a true story.

Raw Potions Publishing is an Indie company that strives to make small games fun and accessible for everyone. They are currently in a Kickstarter of a Japanese game, ラストダンスは私に (Save the Last Dance for Me) That is a timeless classic tale that is reinvented to a crafty card game.

We stumbled upon their Kickstarter and Backed it.

The gamed is choke-full of cagey and nifty game mechanics that we look for in a card game; trade your hand, sneak a peek, and a wee bit of sabotage.

My only quandary is what to wear to the DANCE!

They are small but mighty and dreaming big.

ラストダンスは私に (Save the Last Dance for Me)

Mechanism: Hand Management

Players: 4-8


Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

Sit Down - Join the Game

Suzzan Smith


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