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*No this was not written in 2013 and stuck in drafts. We are new to this hobby and are just discov

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

“SPACE…the Final Frontier.

Captain’s log, Stardate 96662.77: The Enterprise has changed course to investigate the many resource-rich planets to build outpost and starbases. There is the chance of resource shortages and the presence of Klingon’s to avoid or drive them away. Are you up to be The Federations’ Hero?

We are….. Years late for this mission, nevertheless, pleased we frolicked in the stars!

We are big fans of Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop series, and since watching the episode featuring Star Trek Catan, I have been searching for the game. It was out of print or selling for the price of the equivalent of three games. Checking periodically online, I found one and clicked buy now! Geek & Sundry Published on Jul 18, 2013

Let me preface that we have played other games that produced Star Trek or Star Wars themed versions, and we were exceedingly disappointed. It was serendipitous that the blend of Catan and Star Trek was successful since the subsequent wait time felt like light-years. :0

The game’s artwork is engaging, Starship roads and Space Stations are delightful. The take away was that we needed search out superior miniature tokens for our other Catans.

The largest change is the addition of the Crew cards. Every player gets a two-time use crew card. Then you have to discard it back into the Crew pool, to be picked up by another player. These crew cards each do something different, so it’s best to wrap your head around them before you start to play.

If you believe regular Catan is fantastic, this game will be captivating. If you are not a fan of Catan (and there are many), you probably would not ever try this version.

These Trekkers enjoyed the fun twists with the various stars from the original Star Trek series, as well as new pieces to act as roads and settlements, and cities. The Nerdz at the Garage are obsessed, if you liked Catan and you like Star Trek, this is a must! Who wouldn’t want to play with a tiny Enterprise Starship or Klingon Battle Cruiser?

SuZan Smith

Nerdz Garage

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