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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Games Then and Now

Tabletop. Dungeons & Dragons. Cosplay. Comics. Reviews.

Games have been a constant in our life.

Then, it was a rotation of 221 B Baker Street, Tripoley, Strategy, variations of Clue and Risk.

During the hours before our son’s arrival, it was Gin Rummy while timing the contractions.

Now, the Nerdz Garage has multiple gaming platforms and ever ever growing tabletop game shelves. We are versed and happy at an arcade with Pacman, Tekken and the new obsession, Pinball. Games on modern game platforms with their small hand-held controllers are a plenty, in this nerdz garage. Every Sunday there are Switch battles, trying new tabletop and a live Dungeons&Dragons podcast.

Game nights at Nerdz Garage are an occasion that is filled laughter, games and heaps of food.

These stories will share our the learning curve on new gaming experiences as well as chronicling regular game night that involve great friends, arcade, Dungeons & Dragons and table top games.

In My Day- We Stood to Play Games

SuZanne . Derek .  Dylan .


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