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Light Strikers RPG on Kickstarter!

What do you do when you want to play a game that fuses: retro cartoons, anime, novels, superheroes comics you relish and cannot find one anywhere?

Design it? That is precisely what the creators of Light Striker Games did, and it is heading to Kickstarter!

A wise teacher once told us that pop culture was at its peak when you were 12 years old. Some of us never escape the spell of the things we loved when we were young, letting the whimsy of our youth play remain long after the rest of the those around us have left it to drift away.

Fate on our side, on the world of Adamah in the Kingdom of Altasharon, lies the Light Striker Academy! The quest to accomplish prosperity is peppered with Mythic Beasts, Transforming Robots, Supernatural Powers, Wicked Villains, and Nefarious Monster. With the danger, there are favorable, Enchanted Regions and Mystical Treasures.

These heroes in training, confidence brimming with each battle, soon grasp that their actions affect the world that surrounds them.

The gameplay utilizing the customization Clash system, you can start playing right away with a rules-lite version. You simply describe what you want to do, as your character. Talk to other players and characters; ask questions about what the world surroundings. You can act out what your character says, or simply say it. Next, the game referee/narrator (Sage Commander controls the game elements, scenes, and plot points) responds to you. They provide more details and describe how other characters interact and reply to you. A roll dice determines the outcome of your action and will explain what happens with the results.

The back story and world-building support lend for replayability.

We are excited to be transported to Light Striker Academy and unleash our superpowers, encounter scoundrels, and champion the peace & beauty in worlds of Adamah! ~ The Nerdz Garage

Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

Sit Down -Grab a Drink – Join the Game

Suzzan Smith


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