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Is There Honor Amongst Thieves?

Players: 2 – 2 players | Game Duration 25 – 35 mins | Min. Age 10+

Caper Europe by Keymaster Games

Is there “Honor among thieves.” We put it to the test by playing Caper Europe by Keymaster Games. Recruit a quirky crew of thieves and equip them with clever gear to steal from famous places across Europe!

Caper is a tactical 2-player game built on the mechanics of card-drafting, hand-passing, and set collection played over 6 rounds. It is a head-to-head war of masterminds, where players take turns drafting gear to add to your thieves. Each player places one at a location, then passes the deck on to the other player who will pick one, etc. When one card is left, discard it. Now to time to equip the thieves with gear. Players draft cards, placing one and then passing the deck to the other player till one card is left- discard. Gear can cost coin, but that’s ok; some Crew comes with coin. Some equipment Steals goods at their location. These Stolen goods are points at the end of the caper. Or you can earn some coin with gear cards. Each crew can only hold three gear, so plan ahead and hope you get lucky with gear cards. Repeat till the sixth round. Then see which crew took control of the location and bonuses. Calculate Points. Total crew and gear bonuses. Points. The sneakiest scoundrel with the most points wins the caper.

Bits and Bobs

109 Location, Thief, & Gear cards

Custom Box Organizer - Designed by Game Trayz

10 Punchboard

Coins 15 Wooden Tokens

1 Gameboard

1 Score Pad

2 Quick Reference Cards

1 Rulebook

Last Words

It is highly portable, sets up in minutes, and even less to reset and play again- which we did many times. Each location is valuable, and the tug of war to keep control of the location is fierce. Sometimes you have to just neglect a spot and go all-in on another. The drafting mechanics is nifty, swift, and lends to cool interaction. The card abilities are well thought out and crafty. Easy to learn and thus far endlessly entertaining to play.


Suzanne Smith Nerdz Garage

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