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Hot Lava!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Do you remember when your kid yelled “Hot Lava” and proceeded to jump from couch to chair to table? Put that feeling into a cooperative game, and you get Fuji the board game by Wolfgang Warsch.

New Game Mondays –  new to us! This week we played Fuji the Boardgame.

In Fuji, you are travelers trying to escape an erupting volcano and as each round ends the cards flip and the lava is slowly creeping up to you. Fuji relies heavily on being able to communicate vaguely (specific rule) to maximize efficiency and to hold your strength to get to safety. Bad communication for not trusting the players’ clues can lead to triggering more volcanoes and DEATH. My hubby second-guessed many of my clues, which was humorous and frustrating. Being considerable fans of dice games, it felt odd that the dice did not control movement; however, the luck of a dice roll can interpose your choices.

We found that if there is a substantial lead, there needs to be a strategy change to assist the other players (I know that is what co-op means) or they need to take more risks (hint hint.) There can be a choice of a re roll which never worked in my favor. The artwork is what attracted me to purchase the game. Illustrations by Weberson Santiago, are hauntingly alluring.  If you fancy puzzle-solving and sly conversation, this game is for you. We found the theme very unique and the gameplay perceptive, but it did not hook us after quite a few rounds.


Year: 2018

Players: 2-4

Minutes: 30-45

Nerdz Skills- Jumping on furniture a plus! Hot lava!!!!

Fuji is a limited communication dice game in which you play as adventurers who are attempting to get off of Mount Fuji and reach a village after the volcano erupts. Fuji was designed by Wolfgang Warsch (The Mind, That’s Pretty Clever) and is put out in the United States by Capstone Games and Feuerland Spiele.

SuZann Smith

New Game Mondays

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