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Hills of the Lost Campaign Episodes Three & Four

The intrepid travelers reconnected at the dawn of the lockdown to meet weekly for D&D.

A few players are returning to the game after decades, and some venturing to learn for the first time. These friends brought new ones to the game. Some with small children, some in college, some looking for a distraction, some miles apart in locale and views; however, this alliance has become family for one night a week.

Be patient; someday, this plan will work ~ Havocs for Hire


Hills of the lost – Episode Three

A Bear, a Rope Ladder, and a Bag of Balls

“…ck !” Whispered Odettis, quite loudly. Shermdog looked to where she was and saw forty feet beyond a large cage with a sleeping bear in it. Also from their vantage point they could see four bandits by the camp fire who, in addition to the two sentries up above on the cliffs that they had lost track of, made six total, with a sure promise of more.

The group decided to divide and conquer. Odettis and Vrinn heading up hill to the right, Shermdog and Vax to the left to flank the campfire and perhaps find a way up the cliffs. This left Haalbru and JeffroD to, um, release the bear as a distraction?

Meanwhile, somewhere else, Mokon and Ketos had spent most of the day and evening tracking a suspected bandit (they were tipped off by the halflings at the Swinging Sword) to what they hoped was his camp. He disappeared through a corpse of trees and in his place, they found two sentries! They had discovered the camp. They decided to deal with the sentries and then report back to town to let the group know what they had found.

They lined up their shots and let fly.

VERY nearby, their sneaking team members heard a blood cuddling cry, much like a wounded do, from above them on the cliffs. So did the Bandits at the fire.

Pandemonium ensued. Shots were fired, goblins and bandits tackled and LOTS of running. It turned out to be a very spread out camp, manned by some of the worst bandits ever. Worst, that is, in terms of their ability to hit a mark. Vrinn ran up to the noise discovering Mokon and Ketos. Ketos was underneath what appeared to be a dead goblin bandit captain who had grappled and yet failed to kill the elf. Shermdog rand hither and yon beheading bandits as he went, ultimately finding the ladder to the cliff tops, and yes, beheaded more bandits. JeffroD searched in vain for, anything, finally finding a rope up to join Shermdog. Haalbru, well, using his beer-soaked jerky, made a new friend. A Bear friend that is, 9 feet tall and malnourished in a damaged circus animal fashion.

Worst. Bandits. Ever.

With the dust settled, the team eventually found a cave full of bandit plunder, coin and some magical items, a ring and a rod, of unknown function and some hostages. Both grateful. Also found in the captains’ tent was a chest that contained three vials of healing that belonged to the handling hostage, which he gave to the group in thanks.

However, the Priestess Obaya was quite thankful and let them know if they ever came to the Capital at Waterdeep she would be at their service. She also bestowed upon Ketos a magic bag to help serve and protect the group. With some magic al items found in the cave and their plunder, they returned to town in the early afternoon with two wagons, one full of bodies for the constable and one with goods belonging to a local merchant. Both paid the party handsomely for ridding the area of the bands and returning his goods.

So, with their renown spreading through town of Anoroc rapidly, their Bear stabled behind the Swinging Sword and gold filling their pockets and purses, the pub beckoned….


Hills of the Lost Episode Four

And the Men Went Shopping

On their return to Anoroc, Odettis and Ketos slipped off on an investigation of their own. The Men decided, when faced with the temptations of a grateful town, lots of gold and free drinks, to go shopping, and to the spa, and THEN shopping again.

After cleaning up nicely at the Spa, The gang went back to the Armor shop that Shermdog had found. The ship-owner grudgingly offered up some magical items that were out of the collectives’ price range. Haalbru found a magical dwarf’s helm in the mix and cottoned to it. He quite strongly suggested it be returned to its owner.

The shopkeeper told a tale of a missing dwarf’s delegation to water deep that had disappeared, gave the helm to Haalbru for safe keeping and wished them well.

Shermdog got another job for the group from the sheriff. A rescue! Some young nobles had disappeared on an adventure to a sunken castle in the hills. Relatives of a Noble in Waterdeep. A very promising reward awaits if they are found, or at least their signet rings are returned if they have met an award fate.

A guide was provided, and they were off the next morning and at the Sunken Castle entrance by nightfall. Go in to the Dark castle, shrine to an ancient dragon, than sank into the earth during The Calamity….what could possibly go wrong….???

Havocs for Hire

Shermdog - Dragonborne Barbarian

Ketos - Half Elf Rogue

Haalbru- Dwarf Cleric

Mokon- Elf Cleric

JeffroD- Eldrin Monk

Vax- Half Elf Monk

Vrinn- Drow Wizard

Odettis- Tiefling Ranger

DM- Jimmy


Artwork Credit: Wizard"s of the Coast and Dungeons and Dragons 5E


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