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Hills of the Lost Campaign Episodes 16-21

Episode 16 & 17


How Do We Get Out of Here!! Blue Alley

The room that is a Field, that a teleportation's portals in the side rooms, take a few tries for the Havocs to decipher. After the Minotaur almost squishes Jeffro and Odettis, the group moves on down the hallway. The next room has a long sword, just hanging above the dais.


Looking at the other wall, Halibru, a wee bit poisoned from reaching for the magical Bolt, but manage to snatch the Silver Bolt of Holding!

Odettis spies a hidden door in the northwest wall of the room of tapestries. Hobo Joan and Odettis investigate. When they return, Vax, Shermdog, and Halibru are missing. They push the button and fall to the floor to see if there are any clues, and when they stand Dr Scot is missing! The wall opens slightly, and they go through. Some crates have a few Healing Potions- they take them. On the other side is a golden door with no handles. Ketos tries to pick it, but nothing to pick. Along the wall is a sculpture, and where the nose would be is a button. Ketos pushes it, and the door opens.

In the next room, the words on the wall say, "Everything you see is mine." Hobo yells for us to close our eyes! She grabs a unicorn statue, and there is a flash of light, and we are all naked back at the Yawning Portal.

Mert materializes and thanks us for saving his unicorn.

As we scramble for clothes, Mert hands us his business card- a GOLD DISC.

He instructs us to rub it between our hands and ask it a question. He will show up to answer!

Episode 18

Shopping and a

Crypt...What could possibly go wrong…

This week's session was notable for several things. The most notable being the return of Mokon from his studies. Much of the group was taking care of private business around Waterdeep this day. However, On Mokon's return, Haalbru, Jeffro, Ketos, and Vax decide to ease their souls and take Mokon out for the day shopping.

They had heard of a fine warehouse of used weapons and armor nearby, Reuter's weapons and Sundries, that was most notable for its fine shop made arrows and bowstrings.

Not far from the

Yawning Portal, they walked over to the shop. An incredible multilevel warehouse near the High street, with a strange statue of a Harpy on the roof. On entering, they quickly saw that the selection of wares was massive, and they would need a guide.

They were obliged as they were quickly met by a human-looking fellow by the name of Joey. He directed them each to different corners and levels of the warehouse to be helped by other "Joeys" to find what they required. "just hope you don't need a Ralph" was the response to the question of why are they all Joey's?

Vax found a particular set of Bracers he had been searching for, almost at a discount...Ketos "found" a silver shiv that would fit in their mouth (for just in case?), and Haalbru and Mokon found some long-range weaponry upgrades they were looking

for. After bartering with Joey, a Ralph was summoned, and the larger human did some bargaining with the adventurers, their recent renown helping with the process. Two for the Price of Two was the end bargain, with one item's upfront cost and the second half to be paid later. The one condition is that they help promote the name of Reuters as they adventure in the land outside of Waterdeep.

Not a bad deal.

Craving some recreation

and wide-open spaces after their successful shopping trip, the group decided to visit the City of the Dead. The largest green space in the City is the cemetery that is purportedly as old as the City's oldest settled parts.

With the promise of "we'll catch up," some of the group split off, ducking

into a tavern, The Maelstroms Notch. A VERY local, local.

City of the Dead

Upon entering the City of the Dead's vast green space, it was clear that it was anything but Dead.

Scores of families on picnics and flying kites, exercising and strolling, making use of the grand space. Craving some spooky, the group consulted with a street sweeper. They learned that there were indeed some creepy areas and haunted crypts in the cemetery, and he directed them to one.

As they approach the Garlof Family Crypt, it is indeed spooky, even at two in the afternoon. The others catch up from The Maelstrom at this point as well. Making entry to the main level of the Crypt, they find that grave robbers had preceded them, and anything of value had been looted. Heading down one level, they discover more of the same. Investigating further, they discover a new section of the Crypt, new construction.

Suddenly they are assaulted by 2 Duergar Dwarfs with the Xanathar Guild insignia.

"What have you Done

with it," they shout!

"It is not yours to

take" they holler.

Clearly, they feel that our adventurers have already taken something from the Crypt! However, they prove no match for the group, and they are dispatched before they have a chance to take enlarged form, although one does cause some difficulty as he goes invisible.

Once they are dispatched, the group does discover a stand in the new crypt room that must have once held an object of value, with a custom cut depression in the stand to hold the missing item and an inscription, "Here Rests The Stone Of Golorr"

This rings a bell in the minds of our party, something to do with Renaer


Stone of Golorr

They also find some gold on the Duergar and in the hall's debris, a peculiar silver and steel key on a ring.

Deciding that enough fun has been had, The group heads back to the Maelstroms Notch...

Week 19

Hills Of The Lost


As dawn breaks on the 8th of the first ten-day of Tarshak, Mokon, Jeffro, and Shermdog, having stayed out till second moonrise the evening before at the Maelstrom's Notch Tavern, are fast asleep and will no doubt be hangover when they wake.

The rest of the party wakes at a regular dawn hour and head to the Yawning Portal for breakfast and beer. After discussing the events of the previous evening and the strange clues about a "Stone of Glolorr" they ask Durnan if Renaer is about. He says that he will be seeing

Renaer later and can send him to meet them at The Trollskull later, as they are headed that way.

Also, Haalbru wanted to meet Umberrro Zaaastro of the Brewers Guild, and Durnan agreed to set them a meeting at Trollskull in the afternoon.

After discussing the previous night's events, the group agrees to award chalkboard points to Mokon and Vax.

Vax heads up to the inn to check on Calcryx


Halibru and Odettis agree to head over and check on Beora, Pilgrim, and Belinda and try to figure out how to get a double saddle made for them to ride on Beora.

Ketos, Mal, and Beora have a moment, and Beora is uncertain of

the spider but mostly okay. Halibru, on the other hand, is still most uncomfortable with the arachnid.

Meeting back at the Tavern, Vax reports that Calcryx seems unwell, looks different, and has some loose dragon scales lying about. They agree to let Shermdog know.

Ketos quietly, in her way, conveys to the party that since the cemetery visit, they feel different and now identifies as a She. She has chosen the path of the phantom Rogue and is visibly more confident. She warns the group that at times she may not be trustworthy; the sign for this is that if she speaks the words "Willow Tree" and not to trust her until she says them again.

She notes that acquiring some amber may help with this.

The group heads to Trollskull. As they arrive at the alley, for the first time, they notice a building across from theirs with a glass roof and a jungle inside! Seeing a flash of movement and some bright colors, Odettis immediately runs over to investigate and bangs on the house's back door! No stealth check.


Eventually, a fur-covered 8-foot tall creature with druid robes and satchels, festooned with

color comes to the door. The Firbolg, Ludvig, introduces himself and welcomes them into his shop or through the backdoor ( no one has manners anymore). The gang filters in, with Ketos remaining outside. As he shows them the shop, he explains

that he is a druid and has been here with this shop for about ten years after ceasing his life as an adventurer. He is apparently a Druid of vast experience.

Each member of the group present gets an excellent

feeling about this individual. They also each seem to see some benefit of this friendship to help them in their own personal quests. The shop is festooned with color and exciting objects and spell components, potions, rocks, and all sorts of riffraff flotsam and jetsam.

Odettis meanwhile sees a back staircase that she explores.

She chooses down, going down the dark spiral staircase with a choice of going upstairs or down. She comes to a heavy oak door in the basement hall. There is a face on the door, which gives the appearance that the door is sleeping. Odettis touches the door, and it screams, and she screams, and Ludwig said that's just Bob!!

Odettis apologizes for waking the door and goes back

upstairs. This, of course, is something that Odettis

promises herself, bears much more investigation.