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Happy Hunting - Xenohunters


Kickstarter April 7th

Designer: Jack Ford Morgan

Publisher: Half-Monster Games Pty. Ltd.

2-4 Player

Play Time: 30-90 Minutes

Dylan and I chat about our new favorite- Xenohunters!!!!

Xenohunters is a science fiction horror double-hidden-movement alien-hunting board game that is launching on Kickstarter on April 7th.

We had the opportunity to playtest Xenohunters for hours and hours.

It is the 36th century, and the world's citizens live in station colonies throughout the galactic rim. However, colonies living on the outer galactic rim are going dark and have become uncontactable.

The galactic council has expended their military forces to no avail - they need to call on the best.

You, the Hunters, have been summoned as the elite mercenary crew who live on the edge of the law to investigate the stations. You know very well: this is another outbreak of flesh-eating Xenos, creatures that harvest living flesh to birth monsters.

The only way to stop this advancing tide of evil is with the liberal application of fire. The best way to do so: detonate the fusion reactors at the heart of every Station. As elite mercenaries of the galaxy, your mission is clear: board the stations, destroy the reactors, and kill the aliens.

Good luck. Warp ends in 3, 2, 1…

There are four formable missions, female character Hunters and a Xenos Alien vying to gobble up all that is left of humanity. Choose your team, gather your wits, and board the ship that sent the distress message warning of the Xenos on board. The Xenos has eggs and spawns strewn about the ship. Hunters can proceed slyly hidden or garishly trying to draw her out. Either way, the vessel has all the equipment you need to be victorious if you can find them before she finds you! You turn a corner and see what once your fellow Hunter was now a gruesome Hybrid Spawn. Shall you try to revive her, seeks the bombs to blow the reactor, or dash back to your ship to live another day??

Steeped in strategies, treachery, and consequences- Xenos could be hiding just around the corner!


Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

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