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Game of the Week- Dark Harvest

Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest is a bidding and bluffing game in the dark fantasy universe of the Court of the Dead.

The Court of the Dead had tasked you to shepherd many souls but be devious because there are others vying for these same souls. At the games end, the player who as wrangled the most souls safely behind their screen wins.

Thematically, the cards detailing is striking, and the art is idyllic of the fantasy genre. They are extraordinary, and the abilities are well thought out.

It combines a sizable amount of strategy and sabotage that Nerdz Garage has a penchant for. Court of the Dead: Dark Harvest is a thoughtful, challenging game that moves swiftly.

• 3–6 Players

• 30–45 Min

• Age: 14+

• Designer: Ben Kepner

• Artist: Abigail Larson

• Publisher: Skybound Games

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