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Do You Still Got It? “Sex, Drugs, or Rock-N-Roll- An Outrageous Adult Game”

Updated: May 26, 2020

This card game requires quick thinking, stressful time limits, and laughing with your friends.

There is an abundance of saucy games for game night, and “Sex, Drugs or Rock-N-Roll- An Outrageous Adult Game” is a humorous addition that is as dirty as the minds of the players.

Sex, Drugs, or Rock-N-Roll was founded in a dive bar over beers when a simple conversation about sex descended into a contest about who can name more sex terms. 

The game will be on Kickstarter in March, and we received a copy for an honest review.  


Grab a sand timer and Status Card that has a green side (still playing) and a red side (out). Shuffle the 26 letter cards and spread out in a circle face down. Decide the first player; they pull a card and place it face up in the middle. Turn your timer over and name a word that starts with that letter that is related to Sex, Drugs, or Rock N Roll Music. Play continues clockwise with each player turns their timer over and has to say word within that time limit. If you sand runs out, turn your status card to red, and you are out. The last player standing gets that card. This continues until the L cards have been diminished. The player with the most cards is declared the King or Queen of Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll!

SDR Game Play

There are variations of gameplay by adding in drinking penalties, sing your answer, and having to use the last letter of the word used before your play. (pretty tricky if you are adding in the drinking penalties.)

We found the gameplay was 30 minutes -45 minutes depending on player count.


26 Letter Cards

10 Status cards depicting scenes of good (green) naughty (red) Sex, Drugs, and Rock N Roll

10 Sand Timers that time fifteen seconds

Our Thoughts

Warning: This game is not for anyone without a sense of humor.

If you are a fan of cards against humanity, you have the correct humor for this game! There is literally no filter on this game, so if you and your friends are close, it makes it funnier.  

The sand timer is a brilliant addition because watching the sand slip away while trying to think of an answer that has not been stated can psych you out and make your brain empty.

The mechanism of Status cards is an excellent effect to keep the game moving. There is no pausing for extra time, asking if the player next to you is in or out.

We had some age gaps in the players, so added a house rule to include all music due to the fact the elders knew much more Rock and Roll.

Status cards. Green - still in. Red- out.

It’s definitely good to bad.

Nerdz Garage

Suzzan Smith

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