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Depth and Strategy have been REFINED in Olympus and Pantheon Crazier Eights by James Wallace Gray, Recoculous Games.

We are attracted to Greek heroes’ stories because they are not perfect or entirely good, fantastic creatures, and not every story has a happy ending. The Nerdz Garage are versed in Greek Mythology and appreciated that these cards truly related the characters’ mythology. Every card has a unique ability, and the first player with zero cards in hand wins. The rules are straightforward, yet the game has depth and strategy.

 The cards artwork displays a collection of artists that depicts the landscape at a different stage of the rise and fall of an imaginary civilization. They are grand in scope and spirited.

Our Thoughts

We blended the two sets together after a few independent plays. Having two sets provided a fuller game when we played with three to four players. 

Crazier Eights is a combat story-driven game. These contain endless combinations to build a good engine; however, one card can topple your engine. You are constantly defending your Assets while collecting more vital cards to put opponents at a disadvantage. It can be a quick but complex game, though we have had longer games that were fierce battles.

Crazier Eights is a rare mixture that we found had the perfect balance between depth, style, and challenge. 


Shuffle the cards and pull the top card to start a discard pile. Deal seven to each player and decide who goes first. We roll a D20 dice to see who goes first at Nerdz Garage. 

Once the cards have been dealt with, take the time to read the cards’ abilities. Each card has its own distinctive capability and resourcefulness. A few cards have more massive powers and can make you a target, much like in the Magic Card game. Pretty smart to add these additions to the game of Crazy Eights. Multiple players make for a strong dynamic.

We suggest lining the Assets in order of “Beginning Turn and End of Turn” for ease in activating.

Each turn has four phases:

Beginning phase, if you have an Asset card that prompts an ability before your turn, play the Asset. These are my favorite cards. Some give the ability to look through the deck and play an Event or Asset immediately.

Draw a card.

Main Phase: Play one of your cards and discard a card. You may discard first.

There are two types of cards to play face up in front of you: Assets and Events.

Assets played in front of you give you control of that card, and its ability continues to take effect until someone gets rid of that card or takes over control of it. If they take control of an Asset, it moves in front of that player face up. When you play an Event card, the ability takes place right away and then discarded on the bottom of the discard pile. Its capacity is over. 

Discard a Card. You May discard if it is the same color or symbol or number as the top card. An eight can be played, and you name the color that must be discarded next. You do have to discard. 

End Phase: If the asset card you control prompts an ability at the end of the turn, it is executed now.

The player with zero cards wins.

Crazier Eights mechanics have really evolved with Olympus and Pantheon. The variety of tactics that can be played make this a favorite at The Nerdz Garage. 

Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

Sit Down -Grab a Drink – Join the Game

Suzzan Smith

Olympus and Pantheon Crazier Eights by James Wallace Gray, Recoculous Games

Release date: 2020

Publisher: Recoculous

Designer: James Wallace Gray

Playtime: 10-30minutes

Players: 2-4

Age: 13+



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