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Dead Little Rooster Turns Whodunit on Its Head

As with most classic whodunits'- Dead Little Roosters begins at a lavish mansion in the snowy mountains. The promise of great fortune draws 10 little roosters together.

As per the stipulations of the genre, the show introduces us to the Rooster Teeth family members as they are locked in their rooms after the discovery of the murder of their host, Nicodemus.

This Interactive Whodunit dares the audience to become sleuths-in-the-making because a killer is hiding amongst the guest, search for clues, predict the murders, and in the end, the audience will have a chance to win great fortunes (slick prizes.)

Paranoia and suspicion are the guiding principles of any good whodunit, and its resolution is the genre’s most tantalizing promise. This is satisfyingly played out through the stylized episodes. In the homage to Wes Anderson-esque spirit, each scene is impeccably designed.

We have taken copious notes and fallen down the rabbit hole (happily.) We have watched each episode multiple times and believe we have some solid theories. Thus far, we have been wrong, but ardently watch each week to play the game.

Is this the future of gaming and media?

2020 brought constraints and or halt to theater, music, and even going out to eat and consuming more online and media content.

The gaming community lost conventions, playtesting, and weekly game nights. Businesses are learning to PIVOT to survive, and the gaming community is merging innovations with interaction.

Dead Little Roosters takes it a step further with the blend of media and gaming.

Dead Little Roosters is clever and expertly staged; it successfully balances the comedy, suspense, and wry dialogue.

Good Luck, Detectives!

Dead Little Roosters will be a Rooster Teeth FIRST member exclusive series and premiered on January 8.

Airing new episodes Fridays at 3pm.

The series stars Fiona Nova, Barbara Dunkelman, Hannah McCarthy, Alfredo Diaz, Blaine Gibson, Eric Baudour, Yssa Badiola, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, Ify Nwadiwe, Trevor Collins, and Elyse Willems with Josh Flanagan serving as writer and director as well as co-showrunning the series with Nova.

You can head over to the official site to learn more about winning the weekly contests.

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