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Dark Souls the Board Game Has Arrived! The Mailman was Very Popular Today!

Updated: May 26, 2020

I feel like I know you well enough to share this secret, I’ve never actually played the Dark Souls video game.

Why did we get it?

The boys in the house are avid fans of the video game and have logged many hours. The anticipation for the games arrival was mammoth and so was my anxiety as a result of knowing how much they want me to love it.

It is another impressive 8-pound game box. Popping the lid off the box and you’re immediately greeted by a “You Died” sign, you have my attention. There are plastic miniatures that are especially appealing with a superb amount of detailing and design. The evolution of game pieces is fascinating! It is now customary that the pieces come unpainted/detailed and players enjoy the painting of these pieces as much as playing.

More hush hush news, I stated with disdain the first time I saw this, “this is a shame that they don’t even come painted” to avid scolding, like this how it has been from the beginning of time.  Apparently, painting figures is now a “thing.”

There are players boards and I now have a large fondness for the player boards. There are large scenic tiles that make up the rooms you are trying to survive. Add in cards, tokens, detailed rule book, the earnable treasure, encounters and creatures. This game has high replay value. It even has a solo mode. The core of the game is battling the Boss and Mini Bosses over and over. It reminds of the “play your own adventure” books because every time you play the game changes.

Firstly, you need to devote a fair few hours to it, especially if you want to complete the game. I did not. The boys tell me that the combat is smooth and nicely balanced and manages to do a good job of capturing the video games’ sense of risk and reward.

Whilst I write this, I can hear the boys extremely engaged, giggling at their battle choices and working as a bone fide team (which in this competitive house) is rare.

The boys respectfully, give it a huge Nerdz Love and highly recommend it.

It is a stunning game and look forward to painting the pieces, however it just was not my cup of tea.

Two out of three Nerdz love it!

Designer: David Carl, Alex Hall, Mat Hart, Richard Loxam


Genre: Multiplayer Action RPG

Players choose from a number of core character classes and explore dangerous locations full of monsters, treasures, and deadly boss fights

Players: 1-4

Play time: 90–120 Minutes


MENU- Charcuterie Board – The board that is full of mystery, variety, explosions of flavor, MUCH LIKE THE GAME.

The board that everyone (including myself) has trouble pronouncing. In case you’re unfamiliar, charcuterie (prounounced shar-kood-eree) boards are meat and cheese boards that typically include a variety of items that can be paired in mouth-watering combinations.

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