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I Will Survive AMV

Anime: Mostly Full Metal Alchemist

Please Don't

This plays on the theme of not wanting to loose friends and family.  ANIME: K PROJECT, NARUTO, YOUR LIE IN APRIL, FULL METAL ALCHEMIST MUSIC: BREEZE BLOCKS By ALT J

The Long Road Ahead

This AMV is about the transition through life

and reflecting on paths taken.

I hope you enjoy this creation .

Welcome to the continent of Aldernostru! Our heroes begin their adventure traveling between cities and catacombs, but things soon go wrong! 

Featuring Adam Malick as Dungeon Master. Dylan Smith, Damien Engelmann, Derek Elgarten, Kenneth Allen, Noah Webster.


Playing with time and motion. I have started a web comic set in new earth during the twenties with mobsters and this is a feeling of what I am creating. Michael Bublé - Feeling Good


Good Guys

This focuses on the Merc's, Felix and Locus, two enjoyable characters from the series Red vs. Blue season 13/14. I heard this music and it spoke volumes to me about their interactions. Editor- Dylan smith Series - Rooster Teeth's, Red vs. Blue Song- Caravan Palace by Lone Digger

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If I Could

I made an a.m.v. for Final Fantasy earlier this year and someone requested I make another using this song, by Florence and The Machine. So here it is...If any one else has any requests, leave them in the comments section or contact me.