• SuZann Smith

What do you do with a Christmas bonus? We head straight to Kickstarter!

The Nerdz Garage have picked five interesting Kickstarters that they want to back. Some have successfully reached their goal, and some are working their way to the target.

Our first pick is a party game. We have quite a few filler party games, but they are getting tiresome. My hubby started looking for “Doppelkopf”-a game that is one of the most famous German card games. I married into a German family. We found Doublehead Kids on Kickstarter.

Each player gets 12 cards

Play 12 duels: each player lays a card one after the other

The first player determines with his card the coat of arms to be played

The following players must use the coat of arms if they have it in their hands

If a player cannot apply the required coat of arms, then trump with a king card (crown) or discard another princely card

The higher-strength same coat of arms wins

Identical cards: first placed wins

The players with the prince and princess cards play together as a team, the players without also

After 12 duels everyone adds up his silver booty, the team members add up their collective booty

The team with more than 120 silver coins as booty wins!!!

Just that simple but sounds like a fun Family party game.

Plus a charming medieval theme!!!

Doublehead Kids

Year Published 2019

Designer Joerg Trojan

Publisher (Self-Published)

Categories Card Game, Children's Game

Mechanisms Card Drafting and Team-Based Game

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter

Doublehead Kids

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SuZan Smith