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Spring Break Nonsense!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Utter Nonsense Family Edition and Utter Nonsense! The Naughty Edition Game are top notch choices to bring to the table for Spring Break.

It is nothing new that the Nerdz at the Garage LOVE to play games. Sometimes the Nerdz are younger, and we need a suitable smart game.

Utter Nonsense Family Edition accommodates as a good pre-game for Utter Nonsense Naughty Edition or when game night includes younger (or way older) players.

 We played the sassy version when it was released. We were looking for a fresh game similar to Cards Against Humanity because its allure had diminished. So, when we received Utter Nonsense! and told it was a bawdy version of CAH, the party bell rang, and friends were on the way to The Garage.

To play, each player draws seven saying cards, and then a judge draws from a pile of accents. A player selects one of their cards and then performs it in the given accent. The judge then decides the best combination of accent and card, that person wins the round and then becomes the judge. Win 5 rounds and you win the game.

Just that simple, however, it is a severe laugh attack. The accents vary vastly, and a few favorites were; Southern Gentleman, Pooping, Valley Girl and Mime (Who knew our Ben was so good at Miming?)

Recently, we tried The Family Edition. The gameplay is the same with appropriate prompts and accents.  These accents are broad with some of our favorites; News Anchor, Princess, Dog, Celebrity and Judges Choice. The phrases were family friendly, but not to be outdone by the naughty version, there are tongue twisters, comical situations to modern vernacular.

Our favorite was the phrase, no phone, who dis? In the accent of Grandma.

It’s a quick, but fun game and hearing accents people come up with when they can’t quite get it down is hilarious. Our fallback was Irish when we could not find the correct accent.

Even if you’re not a thespian or good at accents, adding gestures and a character to go with the accent, makes a not so great accent to winning round. The longer we played, the accents were evolving to performances. All the players were laughing so hard, and the tears were flowing.

   Unanimously, The Nerdz Garage adored both versions of Utter Nonsense! Editions and recommend it.

Bring it to the table on Spring Break!

You can get Utter Nonsense! at Play Monster or at

SuZanne Smith

Nerdz Garage

* Unlike the previous ADULT version of Utter Nonsense! that’s for ages 18+, the family version of the game is for ages 8+.

Designers: Dave Mazurek, Tim Swindle

Publisher: Crowdfunding: Kickstarter

Ages: 18+

Time: ~30 minutes

Players: 4-20

Complexity of Rules: Easy

Setup Time: Easy

Replay Value: High

Players: 4–20

Nerd Skills: Being inappropriate in all the right ways

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