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Moonrakers | Binding Ties Expansion

· Designer: Zac Dixon, Austin Harrison, Max Anderson

· Publishers: IV Games

· Player count: 3 - 5

· Age range: 14+

· Time range: 60 - 120 minutes

Learning a new game is exciting, and when it is steeped in circumvent and strategy, it is gold to board game enthusiasts. There is no denying Moonrakers unique actions bring that gold. I did not know there was an expansion in the pipeline or imagined it needed one. Surprise! There are three Kickstarter expansions that each enhances one of the core mechanics in Moonrakers!

Moonrakers base game is a deck-building with potential accords, contract missions, and a dash negotiation. Extremely engaging with significant interaction and new mechanics.

I have written a full review of the Moonrakers base game if you’re interested in learning more.

The Binding Ties expansion amps up the negotiations. In the core game, negotiations are essential to complete contracts. Some players overlook the value of the negotiations and press forward alone, which can change the dynamics and heart of the game. Binding ties adds a new module board that brings incentives when choosing the work together. After selecting a color, each player takes a Faction token matching the other players and places it on their Reputation Terminal. Players earn Faction Reputation on the board by allying with other players on Contract, some Contracts give Faction rewards. Sone Crew and Ship parts allow players to gain Faction Reputation. Tracking reputation, you simply move the appropriate color token to the right one space on the Terminal. Here’s the intriguing part, players can spend their reputation on rewards! To gain a reward, move the Faction token to the left. Trading can be done with one color Faction or a combination of Faction tokens to equal the amount required for the reward. There are five levels of rewards with two options. These rewards range from gaining a Credit, subtracting a requirement on a Contract, or blocking a Hazzard.

This expansion is thoughtful and challenging; we will never play without it.

Overlord Expansion focuses on the deck building mechanics and doubles the crew. It increases deck control and amps up advantage actions and shields. New Contracts and Missions.

The Nomad Expansion adds a new Contract Galactic Navigation board split up per Faction color. Nomad reinvents the contract system so the player can fly to their galaxy sector to pick up Contracts aligned with their crew and abilities. Adding all the new Contracts can have a player spending turns to discard a contract to draw a new one that coordinates with their crew and ship. Nomad solves that issue. Nomads adds Global Event cards that affect immediately or are ongoing. These can change the rules entirely and challenge players to adjust their strategy. Some of the Events require a policy vote from all players. Voting on diplomacy is a game changer!

The Last Word

Moonrakers expansions are perfectly balanced in depth, style, substance, and challenge. They absolutely added a fuller experience to the game.

The rules are pristinely clear, making for swift game learning and oodles of time to plan tactical strategies.

The question is- do you choose one or all three? Moonrakers Kickstarter offers you the choice!!

Only a few more days left on Kickstarter.

Endless replayability, enhanced mechanics, and top-notch components-

Fly over and join the mission!


A prototype of this expansion was provided by the publisher; however, my opinions are my own.

Let’s be honest; there is still a bit of drama when we play.

Sit Down -Grab a Drink – Join the Game

Suzanne Smith



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