Derek Smith

Director of Acquisitions &Master Builder

Comic Book Collector.

Dungeon Master.

Never enough time to paint Miniatures.


Mariah Walukonis

Social Media & Plot Twists Director

List Maker, Planner and Community Builder - all done while drinking coffee and listening to Broadway Musicals.

Suzzan Smith

Blogger & Cool Gift Giver

Contributor to Nerdz Board Gaming. 

Addicted to Kickstarter.

Collector of Board Games with Cool Art.


Dylan Smith

Nerd in Charge

Bachelor's Computer Animation/ Master's Game Design - Full Sail University.

Dungeon Master.

Free Lance Texture Artist and Modeler.

Cal Chaos Therapy Blogger. 


Ben Walukonis

Player of Games & Teacher of Rules

Extreme Collector of Baseball cards.  Teacher of Music. Master of Home Improvements.

Extremely competitive at all thing and usually wins.


Adam & Kenny


Dungeon Masters.

Contributors to Nerdz Board Gaming.

Comic Collectors and Builder Apprentices.